Sassafras Tales

Exciting Adventures for Children to Read


Kate Brown, Talented Children's Author, Offers Young Artists a Unique Way to Read a Book.

Allowing the reader to draw their own illustrations right in the book

promotes creative thinking and artistic expression!

Sassafras Tales is a keepsake,
full of fantasy, mystery, humor, art, and just plain fun!

DRAW YOUR OWN PICTURES! Draw your pictures in color!

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The United Acres of Sassafras


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The Book of Nice 


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Firey Lizard Cove


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        "Sassafras Tales" tells of the special friendship between Skeetle-The-Beetle and Duke-The-Chameleon. Skeetle and Duke work together to solve many problems that arise among the critters in The United Acres of Sassafras. Join Skeetle and Duke on their adventures to The Black Mud Swamp, The Crystal Cave, Tal-wee Territory, and Firey Lizard Cove.

Children will delight in reading the exciting adventures of Skeetle-The-Beetle in The United Acres of Sassafras, where endearing creatures enliven the beloved forest of Deep Woods with their wishes, emotions, and expectations for life.  Sassafras Tales follow the adventures of Skeetle the Beetle and his pals as they work together to solve problems and overcome hardships. Lessons are learned through the rich vocabulary and values the characters display. The naïve illustrations bring the characters to life in a whimsical way. So far, Kate Brown has published three books in the series, Sassafras Tales;”The United Acres of Sassafras”, “The Book of Nice”, and “Firey Lizard Cove”. Ruth Jordan M.Ed

Kate Brown's Sassafras Tales are charming and fun, full of interesting characters and interesting life lessons and set in a place richly imagined and colorfully drawn. Read them to your kids or better, have your kids read them to you! You will not be disappointed. - Ken Wells

Color Editions

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3