Exciting Adventures for Children to Read

     Children's Adventure Books and kids can draw Their own Illustrations


 Kate Brown, Talented Children's Author, Offers Young Artists a Way to 

Draw their own Illustrations Right in the Book!
Blank pages are throughout each story. Sassafras Tales becomes a
keepsake for years to come.

Book 1 - The United Acres of Sassafras Book II: The Book of Nice Book III: Firey Lizard Cove




For  Elementary School Readers
2nd through 4th grade
"Sassafras Tales" tell of the special friendship between
Skeetle-The-Beetle and Duke-The-Chameleon. Skeetle and
Duke work together to solve many problems that arise among
the critters in The United Acres of Sassafras. Join Skeetle and
Duke on their adventures to The Black Mud Swamp, The Crystal
Cave, Tal-wee Territory, and Firey Lizard Cove.

Children will delight in reading the exciting Adventures of The United Acres of Sassafras, where endearing creatures enliven the beloved forest of Deep Woods with their wishes, emotions, and expectations tales follow the adventures of Skeetle the Beetle and his pals as they work together to solve problems and overcome hardships. Lessons are learned through the rich vocabulary and values the characters display. The naïve illustrations bring the characters to life in a whimsical way. Kate Brown has published three books in the series, Sassafras Tales; The United Acres of Sassafras, The Book of Nice, and Firey Lizard Cove Ruth Jordan M.Ed
Kate Brown's Sassafras Tales are charming and fun, full of interesting characters and interesting life lessons and set in a place richly imagined and colorfully drawn. Read them to your kids or better, have your kids read them to you! You will not be disappointed. Ken Wells

BOOK I: "The United Acres of Sassafras"

The United Acres of Sassafras

In Book I, "The United Acres of Sassafras," Duke-The-Chameleon is dropped on the lawn of Queeny’s Limestone Palace by a goldfinch on migration. Duke-The-Chameleon changes colors according to his surroundings and emotions.  When Duke is sad, he goes to his crying rock, turns blue, and plays his harmonica. He turns bright red when he is agitated or angry.Skeetle-The-Beetle has a magic backpack that rattles when it has something important in it.  The outlandish whims of Queeny-The-Mouse send Skeetle and Duke on a scary adventure to The Black Mud Swamp to fetch a ruby for her tiara.  Hezzra-The-Centipede is Duke's enemy.  He crawls on the ceiling of the dungeon and pricks Duke's feet as he takes orders from Queeny.  When Skeetle and Duke get to The Black Mud Swamp, they find a group of bullfrogs who play Tic, Tac, Toe on the lily pads all day.  Skeetle and Duke must solve a riddle before Babble-The-Bullfrog will tell them how to get to The Ruby Chamber. The Ruby is guarded by Winter-The-Black-Widow-Spider. The Ruby has an evil power that almost destroys everyone in The United Acres of Sassafras.

BOOK II: "The Book of Nice"

Book of Nice

"Sticks and stones will break my bones,
but words will break my heart."

 In "The Book of Nice", Hezzra-The-Centipede regains his sight from the evil Ruby.  The Ruby gives him firesight too.  Skeetle-The-Beetle is rescued from a deep hole by Mother 'Possum.  Skeetle, Duke, and Hezzra have a final battle in the Crystal Cave where Hezzra almost dies. Queeny puts Witch Hazel leaves on Hezzra's wounds.  Grandfather Beetle gets lost, and ends up in Tal-wee Territory where he is put in prison by the mean, greedy Tal-wees. Grandfather escapes.  After Christmas, rain floods The United Acres of Sassafras.  Then snow and ice cover everything.  Mrs. Persnickety Fox tells Red-tailed Hawk to steal Skeetle's magic backpack so she can escape from prison. Inside the backpack is "The Book of Nice."  The Tal-wees plan to invade the U.A.S. on killer bees.  Two Tal-wees change from mean to nice.  Ms. Persnickety Fox tries to be nice.  The magic backpack and "The Book of Nice" save The United Acres of Sassafras on Earth Day.  Preacher, the spirit of peace, blesses The United Acres of Sassafras.

BOOK II: "The Book of Nice"

Firey Lizard Cove

"Down in the holler where the rabbits grow onions,
Is a tiny little pool full of little fishy yun’yuns.
Can’t really tell if we’re there or not,
Cause we’re not the color of the apricot.
 Silly little fish."
Firey Lizard Cove is a strange place to live and an exciting place to visit. When Skeetle-The-Beetle and Duke-The-Chameleon have to fix Queeny's water problem, they end up on a curious trip to Firey Lizard Cove where they meet Firey Lizard, the Faces, invisible Sprites, Big Horned Beetles, and the real Witch Hazel.  Firey Lizard is 910 1/2  years old.  He hatched from his egg after spending thousands of years, sheltered under Sassafras Mountain.  Firey Lizard thinks no one likes him because he is too big and ugly. Firey has a close call on the edge of the bluff. Fairies turn back into mean Tal-wees who pay the price when they become rocks! The power of the Ruby is rekindled when the ants get a message on the walls of their colony.  Everyone wants to know, "Where is The Ruby, Where did the gold river come from? Are those shiny things diamonds?  What happened to the Fairies? Tell the Lollygaggers to be quiet."  A surprise ending is wonderful for Queeny and Firey Lizard. All of these exciting things happen in Firey Lizard Cove by Sassafras Mountain.


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